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Duct Cleaning and its Importance

Any element that conducts air can get dirty and contain pathogens dangerous to health and air quality. That is why duct cleaning, as routine maintenance of the air system, is essential.


HVAC Systems such a Ducts, air conditioning, and air extraction are vital elements to an optimal ventilation space conditioning system. The goal is to avoid the “sick building” syndrome that has affected countless noncommercial and commercial buildings and makes staying in those spaces very difficult and dangerous.


This syndrome is evidenced when a building with an acclimatized environment through forced ventilation equipment has high rates of people with allergies, flu, lung diseases being reported. And a structure not suitable for permanence and with an increased need for cleaning of all these teams.

Let’s learn more about what duct cleaning is about, its objective, and the types of systems that are improved with this disinfection method.


Importance and benefits of air duct cleaning


It is an industrial and standardized process carried out in all the elements of the heating and cooling system and the air extraction systems. It is carried out in the inlet and outlet area of ​​the system and on the surfaces of the device.


Duct cleaning is carried out under standardized procedures that give it greater value and safety in disinfection. The commercial HVAC cleaning process can be fully verified upon completion and thus guarantee satisfactory cleaning. For this, it must be established, in the first instance:

  • The type of building where the ventilation or air conditioning system is installed.
  • The use of the building and the number of people who use it.
  • The date of the last maintenance.
  • Last change of air filters.
  • Type of installation and air extraction ducts.
  • Type of installation and air conditioning ducts.
  • Location and route plans for the pipeline.
  • Regularity of cleaning dust and debris.
  • Last ductwork and airflow,


All this information is beneficial to decide, with more certainty, the type of maintenance necessary and personalized.


The importance of regular cleaning ducts has to do directly with its objective, which is nothing more than eliminating concentrated dirt from dust, pet dander, or grease. And therefore eliminating contaminating pathogens by carrying out a process—complete disinfection.


This maintenance allows the air system to function optimally, avoid wasting electricity, and improve the indoor air quality of ambient air accessed by users of the space.


HVAC air duct cleaning or air conditioning duct cleaning


Over time, some substances and elements settle in air conditioning equipment that, if not removed regularly, can become disease multiplying agents. The ducts are the space where the air will be distributed in both inlet and outlet, thus generating excellent thermal comfort, that is why cleaning your air ducts is such an important task. 


The ducts can be found, most commonly, made of galvanized metal sheets or stainless steel. The least common you’ll find are aluminum reinforced textile ducts. Their geometric shape varies, and they can be cylindrical, oval, or parallel piped.


Regarding cleaning the air conditioner, it is necessary to consider some important considerations, such as doing it every six (6) or twelve (12) months with special disinfectants or ducts cleaners for this work. Duct cleaning should be done every three (3) to five (5) years.


These differences in times will depend on the type of air that comes into contact with the equipment. Office space will not have the same maintenance period as another in an industrial production work area.


It is necessary to remember that professional and qualified personnel must carry this type of cleaning process. This is because, for its optimal performance, special equipment must be handled and chemicals for which prior training must be had.


Extraction duct cleaning and commercial air duct cleaning


The extraction systems include the ducts of the same and other parts such as the extraction hoods since the hood is the inlet of the pipeline that extracts vapors and stale air from the workspace. That is why we speak of this system as a whole.


This cleaning of extraction ducts then comprises hoods and ducts. It implies a meticulous job since high levels of fats are concentrated in workspaces such as industrial kitchens, restaurants, or any other location in this field.


Proper cleaning and disinfection of the hoods and ducts increase the performance of the entire extraction system. This brings clogging of the system. It prevents contamination of the work environment, the proliferation of foul odors, and the effective extraction of smoke and steam.


One of the dangers of not regularly cleaning ducts and hoods is the risk of fire in the place. This happens because grease is highly flammable and can quickly spread fire in an area where gases and other products that are also flammable are handled.


More than 70% of industrial kitchen fires are poor maintenance and cleaning of ducts and hoods. That is why the importance of cleaning the entire extraction system, ducts, and hoods:


  • Prevents contamination of food and products.
  • Improves the stale air extraction system.
  • Increase energy savings.
  • Prevents the spread of foul odors.
  • Reduces the proliferation of pests.
  • Contributes to the proper functioning of other work teams.
  • It favors the health of the staff.

In commercial Air duct cleaning services, the air quality depends directly on the maintenance carried out throughout the forced ventilation system, either for its inlet or for its extraction.


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It is always necessary to bear in mind that each space has different requirements. It is, therefore, advisable to have the advice of trained personnel capable of conducting an exhaustive inspection of the system and, in that sense, propose the best duct cleaning plan for the area needs. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact Refriplast.

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