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Our design of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems for Coliseo Live underwent a detailed review by Henderson Engineers. We comply with applicable ASHRAE standards and ANSI and SMACNA standards, to ensure indoor air quality; in such a way that this engineering company of great trajectory in the United States of America and recognized worldwide, gave its approval to the work developed by our engineering department.


Henderson Engineers it opened its doors on March 16, 1970. Fran Henderson (founder) focused on creating an environment in which people were first in the design process of their projects. They specialized in commissioning, construction management and all the logistics needs of their customers.

Their first major project was the Matthew Knight Arena at the University of Oregon and they have since developed game-changing projects for college and professional sports teams across the United States. They also helped repair damage from Hurricane Katrina for customers such as Walmart, Office Depot and Mercedes-Benz Superdome.


Today it is one of the most important companies in the world and for us it is a great achievement and pride to have its approval on the design of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems that we make for Coliseo Live. This process of approval of our design was carried out in 3 stages, through which all the documentation and plans were analyzed jointly with the engineering team of both companies. Each of these stages was evaluated by different specialists and directors of Henderson Engineers and all resulted in satisfactory approval.

Henderson Engineers Logo empresa de aire acondicionado del coliseo live

Italo aire acondicionado
Italo aire acondicionado empresa
italo chiller york
italo chiller york refriplast
italo chiller york refriplast empresa

We carried out the adaptation of a chilled water cooling system, with 2 scroll compressors, shell-tube exchanger, including the modification of the entire hydraulic network of this York brand chiller; to condition the chocolate processing area in the most efficient way.

Playtime HVAC centro comercial
Playtime HVAC centros comerciales
Playtime aire acondicionado centro comercial
Playtime aire acondicionado centros comerciales

We supplied and installed an integrated air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system to condition both the play area and the office area. The air conditioning system includes direct expansion equipment and the ventilation system includes HVLS (high volume, low speed) and jet fans to ensure the necessary air flows and propulsion to keep the different play areas comfortable for the children.

diseñadores del sistema de HVAC Arena Bogota 2
aire acondicionado Arena Bogota
Arena Bogota Arena Bogota Arena Bogota aire acondicionado diseño
Arena Bogota Arena Bogota aire acondicionado
Arena Bogota diseño aire acondicionado

We designed the HVAC system for the entire complex. This design includes: the coliseum area, boxes, service areas, offices, dressing rooms, among others. This project involves deep design activities, given that there is a full integration of a free-cooling system with air handling systems, using different filtration stages.

CEDI ARA diseño de aire acondicionado supermercados
CEDI ARA aire acondicionado supermercados
CEDI ARA hvac supermercados
CEDI ARA sistema de hvac supermercados
CEDI ARA sistema de aire acondicionado supermercados

Suministramos e instalamos un sistema de aire acondicionado con refrigerante variable, extracción y ventilación mecánica. Este es un proyecto que se desarrolló para varias edificaciones dentro de todo el complejo "CEDI". Todos los equipos empleados son de alta tecnología e instalamos un sistema de control digital centralizado desde el cual se gobiernan todas las funciones de cada uno de los sistemas de los edificios.

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