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KO at unicentro shopping center

October 29, 2018by refriplast0
ko unicentro ductos
ko unicentro ductos
ko unicentro ductos
campanas de estraccion unicentro
campanas de extraccion restaurante
extraccion para restaurante
ductos de extraccion para centro comercial
sistema de extraccion centro comercial
sistema de extraccion unicentro

We manufacture and install a extraction system collecting air from 2 zones different: washing area (steam hood) and main kitchen (double island hood). The 2 systems are interconnected and ascend a column through a buitron, which goes from the 1st floor of the mall to the deck. The ductwork is sealed and welded to check that there are no oil leaks of any kind. At the top we install a mushroom-type extractor.

Unicentro Shopping Center in Bogotá

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