Types of ducteria according to the need of each client
Poly isocyaninate
πpal was the first product of pre-insulated rigid ducts in the world. They have more than 40 years in the pipeline market and have multiple applications.
Galvanized steel
Designed for the evacuation of fumes and odors. Its dimensions are assigned according to the flow rate and its joints have staple flanks.
Textile duct
Textile ducts are manufactured in a wide range of colors and it is even possible to print on them.
Stainless steel
These ducts can be used in the same applications as galvanized steel or aluminum ducts, with the advantage that these are corrosion resistant.
Ductos de poli isocianurato

Advantages of the duct system with poly isocyanure

  • Savings of more than 20% of energy compared to the traditional system.

  • Quick installation agile assembly and simple fixing.

  • Pre-insulated ducts impermeable to moisture and insoluble.

  • Very low in weight: only 15% of the weight of a metal sheet in the same dimensions.

  • Air conditioning ducts and ventilation ducts using this type of ducts.
  • Space saving: possibility of assemblies a duct system molded in the exact necessary flow according to the available space with extreme ease and safety.

  • Clean and hygienic.

  • Ecologically correct: free of CFCs and HCFCs.

  • It does not contain micro fibers.

  • High resistance to fungi.

  • Low pressure loss. Fully closed system thus avoiding waste of energy and air flow, according to the DW 144 class C- high pressure standard.


  • High resistance to compression and flex.

Advantages of the textile duct system

  • Being composed of polymer-based fabrics, they do not present problems of corrosion, oxidation, discoloration, dents and scratches. They are considered flexible duct.
  • Unlike conventional rigid ducts, textile ducts are manufactured in a wide range of colors and it is even possible to print on them.
  • The bigger the better. Conventional ducts require thick sheets that support large dimensions without vibrating or deforming. Textile ducts always use the same fabric so not only will they be lighter, they will also proportionally be cheaper. circular ducts.
  • The textile duct uses zippers as an assembly method, so it does not require the application of adhesive tapes, glues or sealants.
  • El ducto textil ofrece una difusión homogénea diseñada a la medida que evita esas molestas inyecciones focalizadas de caudal.
  • By achieving a homogeneous diffusion, less air is required to reach the desired temperatures. Also by eliminating diffusers, grids, elbows, and other accessories the ducts generate less pressure loss allowing the use of smaller equipment.
Ductos textiles


We continuously improve our system to meet local customer needs and regulatory requirements.
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limpieza de ductos de aire acondicionado


Includes full line of components and accessories
ductos de ventilacion


With the "duct design" software we calculate the system and estimate the necessary material
ducto flexible


We have professional hand tools and automated machinery
Ducteria de aire acondicionado

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is the common name for all steel grades that contain at least 10.5% chromium.

Although stainless steels are alloys of iron, chromium and carbon, chromium is not the only complementary element to iron to make it stainless. This is complemented by other fundamental elements such as:

We are manufacturers

We manufacture galvanized steel ducts for extraction systems, ventilation systems, injection, air renewal, mechanical ventilation, and air conditioning of buildings.

We elaborate ducts of circular and square section, according to the requirements of the client. Our ducts are offered with different types of joints:

ductos de extraccion


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Cleaning and Disinfection of the pipelines

Cleaning of air ducts. Get a free quote call us now.

Whether you are looking to repair, clean and disinfect ducts, improve air quality, maintain your ventilation system, improve indoor air, filter outside air, or clean ventilation duct networks you can rely on our service.

When the air smells of mold or the duct is contaminated with dust, dead insects, cockroaches and blackheads appear in the ventilation ducts, it is time to clean the air extraction ducts, the air conditioning coil and the ventilation ducts. Refripalst specializes in helping improve indoor air quality. They remove polluted air. Our indoor air quality services include mold cleaning, removal of dirt accumulated in the dirty HVAC system, fans and duct interiors.

Air duct cleaning Air purifiers and air cleaners can help reduce and prevent mold growth in your ventilation duct system. Let's install a whole-house HVAC air purifier, an air filter, and an air conditioner with ultraviolet light today, for the home or business! Installation and free quotes with the purchase from us.

Below are some of our most popular services that we specialize in: Air Duct Cleaning Packages, Duct Repair Service, UV Light Installation, UV Light Installation, and Air Purifier Installation.

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Questions Frequent

Characteristics and use of the textile duct
How long do textile ducts live?

El mismo tiempo de vida del equipo con el mantenimiento adecuado.

When is the textile pipeline used?

Se utiliza para cualquier aplicación que requiera climatización por aire acondicionado, aire lavado y calefacción, como oficinas, invernaderos, túneles, centros comerciales, diversas industrias (automotriz, alimenticia, farmacéutica, electrónica, aeronáutica, etc…), minas y para extracción.

Up to what height can the textile duct be placed?

Usualmente se manejan entre alturas de 2.5m a 20m, sin embargo se pueden utilizar en alturas mayores.

What temperatures do textile ducts withstand?

Dependiendo del material, desde -20°C hasta 500°C. Se pueden usar en cocinas industriales.

What conditions can textile ducts face (acidity, UV exposure, humidity, chemical agents, temperature?

Existe una solución para cada aplicación

What other materials do you handle?
  • Poly isocyaninate
  • Acero Inoxidable
  • Lamina Galvanizada
  • Fibra de Vidrio

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