Extraction and Mechanical Ventilation

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Wall Type Extractor Hood

These industrial extractor hoods are normally mounted against a wall, where the cooking equipment forms a row. We also perform recirculation hood.

Bar Type Extraction Hood

This type of extractor hood is usually placed on the cooking equipment that is mounted on bars for the direct attention of the buffet type customers.
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Campana Extractora Industrial Tipo Isla Doble-Campana Extractora Tipo Isla-Refriplast

Industrial Extractor Hood Double Island Type / Island Type Extractor Hood

Industrial hoods are usually located in open kitchen areas where there are cooking equipment forming an island.

Bells Hoods

We manufacture extractor hoods in stainless steel (ref 430 and 304 with 2B and satin finishes) and in any other material that the client wants. They can even be painted with electrostatic paint in any color.


  • Filter bench in stainless steel 304 gauge 22

  • Incandescent lamps at 110 volts

  • Oil collection trays

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We continuously improve our system to meet local customer needs and regulatory requirements.
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Our skills and experience

Our extraction and ventilation systems are used in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.
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Nuestros proyectos

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Equipos de Extracción y Ventilación-Refriplast

Extraction and ventilation equipment

We use a complete line of high-performance equipment and accessories that move and control the air.

  • Mushroom Type Extractor
  • Online Extractor
  • Aeolic Extractor
  • Centrifugal Extractor
  • Helicocentrifuge extractor
  • Bathroom extractor
  • Smoke extraction


It is a company, punctual that is always aware of its client. Always interested in protecting the user.

daly tellez

Super recommended, they give very good solutions in the required times, in addition their technical staff has the necessary knowledge, they are very committed to quality. They are industrial extraction equipment not residential equipment purchased in the free market.

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They provide quick attention, prices according to the need and solutions for the problems that arise. They helped us overcome physical barriers with industrial extraction hoods. Accept tarjeta de crédito  y sus velocidades de operación son bastante rapidas

Alejandra Alfonso

excellent company, widely met my expectations meeting the requested requirements and in the agreed times super recommended for your needs. He helped us a lot with laminar flow and inspection of axial centrifugal extractors.

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campanas de extraccion campanas extractoras industrial

A complete line of ventilation products of kitchens designed to meet the needs of kitchens.

ProvidesMos a total industrial kitchen ventilation solution for any application commercial; including restaurants, odor and smoke extractor hood, industrial cooking processes, school cafeteria and similar environments perfect for cooking area. This includes extractor hoods for commercial applications with unwanted factors such as: grease, heat and condensationción. Con nosotros puedes encontrar tanto la campana extractora semi-industrial, como la campana extractora industrial Colombia que buscas.
Extractor hoods installed
Maintenance of Extractor Hoods
Extraction Hood Designs

Extraction Hoods Ideal for :

  • Cafeterías  
  • Catering  
  • Restaurantes 
  • Hoteles  
  • Instituciones educativas  
  • Centros recreativos  
  • Casinos  
  • Panaderías 
  • Extraction Hoods Biosecurity Cabins

Campana extractora industrial acero inoxidable: fabricadas en acero inoxidable calibre 18 ref. 304 en su totalidad. Filtros deflectores en stainless steel ref. 304 gauge 22, special for grease retention, in length of the bell. Internal marine lighting, with drainage system and container  removable for fat collection. We carry out maintenance and cleaning of extractor hoods to ensure their correct operation. Ask us about recirculation hoods.

If you want a specific type of system do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you. 

campanas de extracción para restaurantes campanas extractoras industrial

Kitchen hood Industrial

Frequently asked questions
Advantages of the hoods we manufacture
  • Cocina libre de humo y olores 
  • Eficiencia en extracción 
  • Reducción de calor y mejora la calidad del aire 
  • Bajo nivel de ruido 
  • Diseño mecánico 
  • Fáciles accesos para mantenimiento 
  • Disminución del riesgo de incendio y protección contra incendios 
  • Fácil limpieza
How to keep your industrial extraction hood in good condition?
Debes realizarle un mantenimiento preventivo mensualmente a la campana de extracción. Estas son algunas de las  actividades correspondientes: 
  • Limpieza interior y exterior de la campana  
  • Limpieza de los filtros de grasa  
  • Limpieza de la bandeja de aceite  
  • Revisión y limpieza de la lámpara  
What are the uses of the industrial extractor hood?
  • Extracción de gases
  • Campana de humos
  • Campana de gases
  • Sistema de ventilación
  • Extraccion de substancias quimicas
  • Flujo de Aire
  • Extraccion sustancias químicas
  • Extraccion carbón activo
  • Sustancias peligrosas
  • Extraccion de olores y humos de zona de cocción.
  • Recibimos varias solicitudes para extraccion de ácido perclórico, por favor comunicate con nosotros para aseguranos que podemos ayudarte con esta requisicion.
What are the operating speeds?

Son determinadas por nuestro equipo de ingenieria. Si tienes alguna pregunta contactanos estaremos felices de ayudarte.

Preguntanos por las normas une.

Do you manufacture extraction ducts?

Si fabricamos los ductos y el completo sistema de extraccion. Si tiene algun requerimiento especial para los conductos de extraccion, comuniquese con nosotros.

¿Campana extractora industrial precio Colombia?

Campana extractora industrial precio: el costo de una campana extractor industrial varía dependiendo del tipo de campana y los requerimientos técnicos que tengas. Por esa razón si tienes alguna campana extractora industrial en mente, contáctanos que nuestro asesores estarán gustosos de darte una cotización a medida.

Recent Projects of Extraction

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