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Why choose us?Professionals in Refrigeration reliable

We go the extra mile! Curiosity, a sense of urgency and honesty drive our company.

The manufacturing design of Refriplast cold rooms meet and exceed the needs of companies. Our industrial refrigeration chambers have proven to be exceptionally reliable in maintaining the quality of products or tests that are placed inside the cold rooms. Our refrigerated chambers can be used for a variety of applications, including cold storage and agricultural products, nutritional supplements, restaurants, health items, vaccines, food and more. In addition, each cold room is equipped with a refrigeration-based dehumidifier to maintain a low dew point and prevent ice buildup on products and surfaces We carry out from the manufacture of the panels for cold rooms to the installation of cold rooms. Our thermal insulation is the latest technology and will respond to all your refrigeration needs.

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We continuously improve our system to meet local customer needs and regulatory requirements.
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Refrigerators and freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are designed for a range of uses in industry and commerce. They can be displays (with doors, sides and / or back in glass) when their use requires it, or only for storage with solid doors.

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Tuneles de enfriamiento y congelacion industrial precio bogota

Cooling tunnels and freezing tunnel

We manufacture continuous or pothole tunnels


We supply and install cryogenic refrigeration equipment for industries such as: food, pharmaceutical and metal treatment.

Cryogenic freezing systems are characterized by moderate capital investment, minimal preventive maintenance cost, and a smaller, more flexible commitment of plant space (cryogenic freezers can be installed or removed over a weekend). However, the price and availability of liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide vary depending on the geographic location of the processor.

Unlike mechanical freezing, cryogenic freezing tends to form a crust on the outside of the product and prevents excessive moisture loss. Depending on the product, this could be seen as a quality advantage.

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monitoreo de equipos de refrigeracion

Technical characteristics of the service MONITORING

After sales
1. Installation of state-of-the-art sensors.
2. Transmission: The equipment is able to make transmissions via ETHERNET or WI-FI.
monitoreo de equipos de refrigeracion refriplast

Technical characteristics of the service MONITORING

3. Taking Readings: The sensors handled, report every minute, before a change in temperature report immediately.
4. Temperature alarm: When an alarm is presented for being outside the established parameters, processes are generated in order to warn the user about said event, an email is sent, a message via WhatsApp and also a recorded and monitored phone call, all this in a time not exceeding 10 minutes after the reading is reported by the monitoring system.
graficas de monitoreo de equipos de refrigeracion

Technical characteristics of the service:MONITORING

5. Internet or electrical fluid failures are reported as an alarm.
6. Platform: this account has:
– Access of readings: Selected users can access a single platform through the internet, without the need for software or application, to consult the reported readings of the system from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
– Reports: Visualize in graphic form the temperatures and that can be downloaded in PDF.
– Events: An interface where they can see all temperature events with date, time, equipment, etc.
– Averages: they can view and/or download the daily, weekly and monthly averages of the monitored team.
– Real-time verification of the temperature of your equipment, reading records which can be downloaded in PDF and EXCEL format, temperature graphs in PDF AND EXCEL, monthly reports in lit graphs, temperature averages achieving maximum and minimum evidence and records of temperature events presented by your equipment.
graficas de monitoreo de equipos de refrigeracion

Technical characteristics of the service:MONITORING

7. Storage of readings: the readings reported by each of the sensors are stored on our servers for a minimum time of 5 years, except in cases of force majeure.
8. System training: The company undertakes to train personnel in the management of the system, during the execution of the contract.

Welcome to our training portal!

The courses, webinars and materials you'll find here are specifically designed to help you increase your refrigeration knowledge and skills. You can learn all about the products, topics, and trends that will help you do your job better, whether you're an engineer, installer, service technician, wholesaler, or student.
Our training programs guide you through the key topics of the cooling industry, giving you a complete and comprehensive understanding of the topic.
He studies hard and passes the exam at the end of the program to get a certificate.
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